Welcome To Transkit

Access resources and training which will build and strengthen your ability to provide culturally sensitive, affirming care to gender expansive clients. Our primary course is a high-level 2-hour training on the various aspects, experiences, and complexities found working with transgender, non-binary, intersex, and gender expansive clients.

Training Areas Covered

Why TransKit?


TransKit is the only on-demand training course on transgender, intersex and non-binary individuals developed by members of the gender expansive community.  


As TransKit is maintained by a gender expansive team, information is carefully vetted to ensure accuracy and relevance to both the provider and recipients of care. 


With the exponential increase in individuals seeking gender affirming care and rise of legislation mandating affirming clinical spaces, TransKit fills the void of competent training. 

Need Help Now?

Are you in urgent need of consultation regarding a transgender, intersex or non-binary client? Contact a TransKit team-member now. 

More Courses Coming Soon

Additional courses coming soon including: 

  • From Gender Affirmation to Liberation
  • The Religious + Queer Intersection
  • Special Focus on Queer People of Color



“The training provided by TransKit has opened our eyes and hearts in ways that allow us to connect on a deeper and more authentic level with our LGBT clients, especially vulnerable youth.” 

Jessica Edmonds
Brightside Counseling
Denver, CO